How to Sling

Holding the Sling - The sling has two stays, the handle and the trigger.  The handle is made of two beads tied closely together, while the trigger is secured with a single bead.  Hold the handle by gripping the beads between the middle and ring finger of your throwing arm.  Do not let go of the handle while slinging.  Hold the trigger between the thumb and index finger of the same hand.  With the handle and trigger held like this, make a fist.  Loading the Sling - Slinging is laborious if loading is difficult.  Hold the sling by the pouch in your free hand.  Place the projectile in the pouch with your right hand and grip it with your left.  Place your index and middle finger between the two stays as they hang down and slide your right hand down the stays.  The handle and trigger should slide into the holding positions described above.  This is a fast loading method and will enable you to sling more times every time you go out.  Slinging - The style described here is the side arm sling.  Face your left shoulder to the target.  Hold the pocket in your left hand, the handle and trigger in your right hand,

and stretch your hands apart until the stays are taut.  With the stays tight, toss the backwards over your left shoulder.  As the stays tension pull the pouch into a slow circle above your head.  Take another swing around to accelerate the pouch.  On the third circle, release the trigger.  Releasing the Trigger - The timing of the release is the sine qua non (without which nothing) of slinging.  It's the reason slinging is so skill intensive, the timing of the release is something you have to feel.  Something learned purely from experience, but the theory is simple.  The point of release should the moment that the pocket of the sling is pointing 90 degrees from the intended direction of travel.    When you release the trigger the pocket will open and the projectile will continue on a straight line toward the target.


  1. I love slinging. I will be following this again.

  2. Glad to hear it! There's lots more in older posts, and check out our warehouse