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Slingmoore's Founder
slinging in the Himalayas
Glen Moore, Slingmoore's Founder and current R&D Department head, started making slings in 2007.  Wanting to buy a sling, and finding no one who was sellin them, he tried making his own.  This proved to be more difficult than anticipated.  Two years and twelve prototypes later Slingmoore began making the best slings on the market.

We, here are slingmoore, like to keep things just like the sling, simple and effective.  Orders are taken by email, paid through Paypal, and sent through snail mail.

Our slings weigh less than two ounces, and exude
The one and only egg slinging competition.
quality and careful craftsmanship, made with genuine leather, 550 7-core paracord.  Our slings are made by hand one at a time by people who love leather, rope, knots, and all things sling.

Thanks for visiting Slingmoore!  Check out our warehouse to find the sling just right for you to start enjoying the most ancient, simple and powerful throwing tool in the world under two ounces.

Got questions about slings?
Send 'em to glen@slingmoore.com

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