Monday, December 22, 2014


Today, an oddity. I find myself slingless.  I exchange slings all the time, trade sell and occasionally give away my slings, if it's a truly worthy cause...but usually I don't give up my own sling until I have crafted a superior replacement.  But today was different.  I was spending a delightful afternoon with a friend of mine who is a train conductor.  Though not a slinger in practice or name he is clearly a slinger at heart. Then I realized due to his profession, that he often finds himself in open empty country with piles and piles of perfectly weighted rocks.  And this was the last straw.  Without a word I pulled out my last sling and handed it over, saying (i already said without a word didn't I?)  "I think you need this."  And, in the spirit of Wesley in the princess bride he gave me no blubbering or bribe attempts to courteously  refuse, he simply said, "I think I do."  Sling on bro!  May the open country on either sides of your track be ever filled with inspiring targets. 

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