Friday, November 15, 2013

magnetic projectiles

So the grandparents bought these magnetic balls for my boys to play with but you know what I am thinking?   A metal target and half hour of shoulder straining slinging is whats on my mind.  I spoke with a guy that only slings 3/4 inch steel bearings... I can only dream...well back to reality...where's my crochet needle?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

perfect projectiles...the code is cracked

Slinging friends.  I have cracked the code for projectiles that sling well and don't hurt/kill.  Its not in the stuffing.  The trick was the weave.  I kept trying thicker and thicker string/yarn and kept getting the same effect, they were just hard on impact.  In this last experiment, I used multiple (in this case 4 strands of thin unsheathed nylon thread, and plastic beads for stuffing.  The multiple strands produced a sliding-over-each-other effect on impact significantly lessening the blow.  Next I am going to try six strands with dried white peas as filler.  These really don't hurt.  I had a friend beam me at five feet and it stung but even a blow to the face would be unlikely to break my nose.  What is everyone else using?

Crocheting Pattern:
1.  magic circle: six stitches
2.  6 increase stiches at every stich makes 12 stitches total
3.  6 increase stitches every other stitch makes 18 stitches total
4.  6 increase stitches ever third stitch makes 24 stitches total
5.  6 increase stitches every fourth stitch makes 30 stitches total
6-8  3 rows of thirty stitches each
9.  6 decrease stitches every fourth stitch makes 24 stitches total
10.  6 decrease stitches every third stitch makes 18 stitches total
11.  6 decrease stitches every other stitch makes 12 stitches total
12. 6 decrease stitches every stitch makes 6 stitches total
13.  3 stitches by. skipping every other stitch
closing it up:  tie a double overhand close to the last stitch and melt to seal