Friday, March 1, 2013

Slingmoore's First Sling Convertible

Sling Convertible with Mt. Kanchenjunga
in the background...
Born of a love for both the power of the long sling and the accuracy of the short... Slingmoore presents it's first Sling Convertible.  The short draw is about half that of the long.  In the longer configuration, the stays have an extra handle and trigger in the middle of the stays.  In the short configuration the longer handle and trigger tuck away  just above the pocket as shown here.  It's not available yet as I think it still looks a bit wonky.  Plus the handle and trigger occasionally slip out and tangle like long hair during a super-cell thunder storm.  But these are minor kinks in an otherwise good direction.  So stay posted for further advancements.  In the meantime, if you can't wait to sling check out our Warehouse, an up-to-date stock of all our available slings with leather types, cord colors and lengths and of course handle and trigger types.  Start slinging... or if you already are slinging... sling moore.

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