Friday, March 15, 2013

New Sling Trigger...the Monkey Fist

Slingmoore handle-rods, beads and monkey first triggers
The Scene:  You and your sling atop a mountain of egg-shapped and sized rocks on the shore of an ocean with no other soul in sight.  It's sling time.  You load, rev-up and fire.  One after the other... all goes well until an overhead release brings your trigger bead down hard and BAM!  You can't even find the pieces.  Is your sling day finished?  No... you just tie an overhand or two as a trigger and continue but with more caution and decreased power.   So if you end up with a knot anyway, why not just start with one?  Enter the monkey-fist trigger stage right.   The monkey-fist is a bead-sized knot that provides the same amount of grip as a bead but can take whatever impact you can dish out.  A small innovation that requires several minutes of extra knotting, and lots of extra cord, but it's nice to not have a great slinging session blown because of a broken trigger.  Whatever your trigger preference check out our Warehouse for the sling that works best for you.  Happy slinging.


  1. Hey Glen,
    I just purchased one of your slings. Can you write an article on how you choose your ammo? I've been on the lookout for rocks shaped and sized like goose eggs. I've also thought about slinging golf balls, because of their aerodynamics.
    How do you choose the most sling worthy objects?
    R, Dan

  2. Dan, sure will... I'll get it right up... I've much to say on the subject... be careful with rocks... whew do they pack a punch...