Thursday, February 21, 2013

Number 7 in the Places Not to Sling Top-Ten

Among the Top Ten Places not to sling, the Chihuly Exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum stands at number 7.  We're basically talking about a china shop but perhaps worse.  Slinging inside a small space is not tempting... but outside?  in a park?  surrounded by brightly colored targets?...made of blown glass?!  Now that's tempting...but let me be perfectly clear.  They are not targets.  Rather they are beautifully bizarre pieces of art...  So though they are a feast for the eyes they make for a pretty bad place to go slinging.  I didn't ask, but I got the feeling that slinging here would fall somewhere between "frowned upon" and "you'll-be-dropped-to-the-ground-by-the-guys-with-shotguns"  So I refrained.  You should too.  Go find an open field or something.


  1. Man oh man, do they search your pockets for potential projectiles at the gate? Scour all items larger than a grain of rice from the grounds? I don't know if I could resist the urge to throw things, and I have no idea how Graydon held back.

  2. Never in their wildest dreams would they think that slingers were stalking among the blown glass... but luckily... it was a slinger with serious self control...