Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring 2012 Slings have Arrived...

The Handle, secured with a modified sheepshank.
The Trigger, a single bead for ease of release.
...and aside from having all the usual wonderful-nesses of slingmoore slings, there are also some addendums.   Closely cropped loose ends for a cleaner look, OD green paracord and.... drumroll... short draw lengths.  The draw is the distance between the handle and the pocket.  For you slingmoore fans (all fifteen of you) that have been asking for shorter draws, congratulations, they have finally come.  I wish I could say it was a carefully considered administrative decision, however, it was more like an accident, but the kind of accident that one hopes will come again.  For reasons unknown even to myself, I have always preferred extra long draws, my personal sling having a full 100 cm of draw.  Slings with shorter draws, however, are easier to control and will noticeably improve your aim.  As for our slings' features, the usual suspects are still there... high quality 7-core 550 sheathed nylon paracord, continuous stays across the back of the pocket, subtly curved pocket for maximum hold and release, genuine leather, hand-made (by an American, but in India with Indian products, so does that make them 'American Made?'"), beaded handle and trigger, and of course, knots instead of connectors since fewer parts means less weight and more strength.  Check out our current stock and order today by sending an email to  

7-core 550 sheathed nylon paracord, OD green.
Slings are best stored with handle and trigger
tucked inside the pocket minimizing tangle

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Went to an archery compitition in foot hills of the Himilayas and on the way there (with sling in pocket) I was thinking "bet I could hit their silly target with my sling."  Then, emerging from the capsicum plants I saw it.  The afore mentioned target was like a salad plate set at 130 yards.  After much fanfare which included drinking heavily from the intoxicating contents of copper grog bowl visible to the left, the competition began.  There are few things more attention grabbing than a pack of tipsy archers firing at a target less than 15 feet from where you are sitting.  In fact the only thing that I can think of that would be more attention grabbing would be a sling competition under similar circumstances.