Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's not too late to order... wait you know what...

Slinging West into the Pacific Ocean from the shores of Vancouver BC
it is too late to order a sling from Slingmoore that will arrive on Christmas morning...but it's not to late to suggest what that boy might want to spend that Christmas cash on.  Think of the other options.  The next few times he goes to Taco Bell he might spring for an extra squirt from those guacamole caulk guns... blow it all on a movie or two... download twenty apps from the internet... or donate it to feed the hungry... ok if he's considering that last one then forget the sling... but assuming the other three are more likely you can give him a little nudge toward buying a sling.  It will last longer than any of these other options, throw a tennis ball farther than his dog can run, is much less fattening than guacamole... and to top it all off, you can finally get rid of that ten-times-regifted fruitcake by nailing it to the fence and declaring it a sling target.  Merry Christmas all slingers and slingers to be.   

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stuff a Sling in It.

You have the tree, the lights, the chimney with the ceramic natural gas log, all is well ordered and ready to go but what's this?!  Stockings?!  They're Empty!   What to do?  Stuff a sling in there and forget about it.  Weighing in at less than two ounces it will look like the stocking is empty.  Imagine the joy on his face when he reaches in, expecting a Pez Dispenser and finds one of our slings.  He'll realize that he actually does like fruit... just not in the same way you have been trying to get him to like it his entire life.  Hide the fruit basket and remind him of snowballs.  Sling in the New Year with Slingmoore.  Slings are 19.95 plus $3.00 S/H.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nothing says "I have no idea what to buy you" more powerfully than the gift of a sling.

So what are you going to get him for Christmas?  You know who I'm talking about.  He needs nothing except maybe clothes because he wears his shirts until they disintegrate.  He likes so many sports you wouldn't know where to start.  And besides, he has all the gear for those anyway.  He loves being outdoors, but it's hard to wrap that.  He likes throwing stuff but what are you going to do... give him a rock?  Ironically he might appreciate that, but you don't want to go that route.  Instead give him the gift that screams "I have no clue what to buy you for Christmas."  Give the gift of a sling.  Not the kind you put your broken arm into, and not the kind you carry a baby in, and also not the kind you use to carry a firearm.  The sling is the most simple ancient and powerful throwing tool ever weilded by men (like the one we're talking about) in the history of the world that could fit easily into your hand, or a stocking for that matter.  He can carry it with him in the glove box of that nasty old pick-up of his...the one with the dried deer parts and motor oil in the back.  He can keep it in his backpack for that moment at the edge of the lake when the bouy is just out of arm throwing range.  He can keep it in his pocket and find creative ways to make apple cider, and keep that opossum away all with a single purchase.  Slings are $19.95 with $3.00 shipping and handling, email your order to and at least for this year...cross him off your shopping list.  To see a sling in action check out some of our videos in previous posts.  Merry Christmas!

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