Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Slings

Fall 2011 Slings have finally arrived. Buying local has brought a Himalayan twist to Slingmoore. We're using two different types of leather, three different types of cord, and a beaded handle and trigger, all of which combine to make our slings trimmer, lighter and easier to handle. To celebrate our new designs we traveled to Thailand for some beach slinging.

Detailed shots of the new slings are located on the "Slings in Stock" page just under the Slingmoore logo.


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  2. timpa, I have always wanted to sling a ball bearing, I just can't afford them, how do you get so many? they are kind of hard to come by here. How often do your projectiles slide out the side of your sling pocket?

  3. Bearings I get my job as scrap-box.
    Very rarely they come off, a centrifugal force to keep them closed.
    If ever a holiday in Finland, please on my page, so the will take place by throwing bearing balls.