Friday, June 24, 2011

Slinging From the Bow

Slinging on a lake in Pokhra Nepal would be good enough. The mountains, the lakes, the possibility that Everest might actually be visible if the clouds go away. But slinging from the bow of paddle boat is even better. My target? "Chuck a rock without falling in". And this time I'm glad to say I hit my target dead on leaving me high and dry which in this case is a good thing. In other water related slinging news. Yesterday I was slinging at the Railey River and my sling left my hand with the rock and landed in the middle of the heaviest flow. After chasing it, breaking my flip flop and watching it rush away as well, I gave up. So besides my two back up slings that I haven't used in three months...both of which are missing slingmoore is slingless.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sling at the Raven...Nevermoore

My second day in Nepal I tried my sling at a raven sitting up in a tree. I missed of course by what I would call a country mile. But the raven...neither forgave... nor forgot. The very next day while reading outside this same bird flew up behind me and popped me in the head! I would have thought it a fluke had it not happened again five minutes later and several times the next day. He was so consistent at attacking only me and so many times that we shot this video with only thirteen seconds of recording. Now, at just the sight of my sling he spreads his wings and takes off. In the bird's defense, I have continued slinging passion fruit, tiny pre-mangoes, and acorn size dirt clods at my little avian enemy. But so far the score is
glen: zero
raven: nine

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slinging in the Himalayas

One of the things that slingmoore slings do best is loading fast. When I was still experimenting with woven slings and different stay/trigger designs it used to take me half a minute to get the sling loop on my finger and load the ball, and balance the blah blah blah. But slingmoore slings load in seconds, I slap the rock in, thread my fingers and run them down to the stays to the handle and trigger. You can sling a whole lot if you can load fast and sling a lot more rocks per unit time. So it boils down to...(you'll just have to forgive me for this one)...The only way to get better at slinging is to sling... more.  Load fast fire away.