Saturday, March 5, 2011

Broken Hacky Sacks

Hacky sacks make pretty good projectiles when they slam into something soft like the grass or a hand... but... or the asphalt, or a park bench and they don't last long.  I made my own out of leather and the innards of a broken one which lasted wonderfully until it landed in the lake.  It's funny how things filled with rocks don't float very well.   The woven hacky sacks work well though a little more expensive.


  1. YAY!! MR. Moore is back!!!! and in India? what are you doing there?
    I watched your video with the cricket ball, and i have a question. you only swing your sling about once and you get your projectile to go really far...i have to sling mine many, many times to get it to go that far. i am mainly using golfballs. (although chestnuts work quite well!)
    is it just that you might be stronger than me, or is it the weight of the object? or is it the altitude?
    From all of us at MP,
    Chris R
    PS...when you are at high altitudes, doesnt it make it easier for the government satallites to observe you?

  2. Chris, the weight of the object is a huge factor, I have found things that weigh around 1/4 to 1/2 pound are the best... As far as many swings go, no matter what I sling I rarely rotate more than twice... it just doesn't do anything for you except make your aim worse... it's the whip-effect of coming around the corner on that last turn that really gets it moving so if I can do this on the first turn... then why turn again? I'd recommend getting alone... really alone and slinging a few egg-sized rocks make sure you are really alone... slinging rocks is dangerous.