Friday, December 24, 2010

Give the gift of a sling... hurry... there's still time.

It's crunch time.  At this point, you either give them cash, regift the fruitcake, or see what you can find in the garage.  Instead of that, why not give them a sling?  Ok so there's lots of reasons not to get them a sling, but let's not think about those things right now.  Slingmoore can ship slings to your loved ones anywhere on planet earth, and since it's a sling we're talking about, the farther away they the better.   So there's still time.  Let them sling in the new year...with the most simple, ancient, and powerful throwing tool known to men... under two ounces... the sling being under two ounces... not the men.

Visions of slinging tools danced in their heads...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slinging off the Battery in Charleston SC

You have to be careful when you're slinging off the Battery in Charleston SC.   First of all, there are three year olds everywhere, and they don't mix with slinging, well maybe that was just mine three old.  Second, it's possible that you might hit Fort Sumpter.  And usually when Fort Sumpter is bombarded from the Battery it is not appreciated.  The cannons that were used for said bombardment are still here, sitting behind me in the park, the biggest collection of this type of cannon in the world.