Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your Weird Nephew

You know who I'm talking about.  He's built things with legos that just may outlast the pyramids.  He can list the islands taken by U.S. forces in the pacific during World War II in chronological order, but he's not sure how you're related to him.  Last year he attempted to cut down a two-hundred year old oak in with a hacksaw.  There's usually a living creature in one of his pockets.  You wouldn't recognize him without mud on his face, and it's often not mud.   What are you going to get this kid for Christmas?  I'm telling you, Get this kid a sling.  The best gifts keep on giving.  Your weird nephew won't put this thing down until Spring.  Sure, you'll wonder why entire bags of apples and plums disappear over night, and scratch your head when squirrels cower at the sight of a tennis ball, but nothing... nothing says "I love you and I have no idea what to get you for Christmas" better, than the gift of a sling.  Meet your nephew right where he is, and give the gift that will keep him there for at least a couple more years, because you know as well as I do, he's weird, but man is he entertaining.


  1. Glen, my nephews are your sons...

  2. Right, and as soon as you get this for him, you will receive hate-mail from the neighborhood pets!