Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sling Golf

If there is ever a Masters for Sling Golf, I will not be wearing the green jacket at the end.


  1. You need a square ball for sling golf. Fun video.

  2. Three questions Mr. Moore...
    1. What do you use for a target?
    2. Wouldnt it be easier if you used multiple balls instead of chasing one?
    and 3. Any tips for slinging in the snow?

  3. 1. I'll sling at anything really, I like buoys, trees, and people if I'm slinging something that won't hurt like tennis balls or hacky sacks.
    2. Yeah I could have but in golf you're supposed to shoot from where-ever your ball lands...
    3. Yes, pack the snow balls really hard and dense, they tend not to make it out of the sling intact.

  4. This was great! We really should have gone goose huntin' one morning. See you at debriefing (maybe)! Bring a couple slings and we'll provide lunch for the whole Learning Center.