Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slinging Plans

The beaches here are composed mostly of rock, so I will be traveling to the Pacific Coast this month to get some good sling footage, hopefully be able to catch a rock in mid air, leaving the pocket. I asked a friend of mine to come and he said that he had at one time planned on doing photography and filming making as a career. It was one of those situations when the only possible way it could get any better would be if a chocolate ice cream truck driver ran up to us screaming, "help! my truck has broken down and I need somebody to help me eat it before it melts!"

visit to sling-heaven coming soon


  1. no, no, no...the only way it could get better is if a Cyrus O'Leary's truck broke down :DDD
    (do you have Cyrus O'Leary's Pies or is that only in Spokane?)

  2. no, but it sounds like the same idea... hey maybe the ice cream truck and the pie truck could have a wreck

  3. i like the way you think Mr. Moore! and then the Hershey's truck's refrigeration system goes out when he stops to help!