Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slinging at Crescent Beach

Here's the challenge. Stand 20 paces from any object about a foot in diameter and sling away until you've hit the object twice. Divide your score of 2 hits by the total number or throws. A perfect set will be of course 2 hits divided by 2 throws with 100% accuracy. The idea here is to aim at repeatability. Anyone can hit anything after an infinite number of throws but how long does it take you to hit the same thing twice? We shall see. To submit a score, send a YouTube link of an un-clipped video of the event to

Glen Moore


  1. that isnt you slinging is it?

  2. Indeed it is, I just have a haircut and I'm not wearing a hat.

  3. oh...well it doesnt look like the picture above but ok. srry...