Monday, April 19, 2010

ESSE Contest Results, and the winner is...

Thank you everybody for participating! I have been both encouraged and insulted by most of your guesses. :) The guesses were as follows:

Kevin: 2
Mark: 3
Ben W: 13
Karagan: 13
Patrick: 17
Patti: 18
Kirk: 19
Matt: 20
Chris: 20

In the end, I shot 11 out of 24... and if you counted the ones that were very close...(which I didn't) I would have shot 13 exactly so congrats Karagan and Ben, your slings are on their way! Thanks again everybody!


  1. Hey Mr. Moore?!
    so if we sling eggs at houses do we get to blame it on you because you told us to try it at home?
    :D srry, i couldnt resist.

    my real question is: what is the "muzzle" velocity of those slings? it looks like those egg fragments imbedded themselves in that barn!
    just curious...
    PS...why do we have to type random letters in when we post comments?

  2. First off... since you asked... it's a scheduled-to-be-torn-down barn, and I asked the owner first. So please don't sling eggs at houses, the acid in eggs permanently alters the paint and stains aluminum siding... The exit velocity for slings is around 80 miles an hour. However, I don't think mine were going near this fast because I knew I'd be more accurate if I slung them slower... I did notice the embedded effect, and in general I have been surprised by how hard projectiles hit targets. I have a slinging place here in louisville were I throw rocks at old concrete, and the rocks... usually shatter and these aren't cheesy rocks either so, it's fast and hard.

  3. One more thing CPR, measuring that pocket-exit velocity is my next project... so stay tuned.

  4. ok, cool! i have to save up enough money to get a sling but when i do, i will most certainly get one....

  5. Hey Mr. Moore?
    what size of sling should i get? the bigger or the smaller?
    which would you recomend??

  6. Mr. Moore?
    which size of sling do you recomend? the bigger or the smaller?

  7. sigh...srry i didnt think that it had posted...
    srry again

  8. CPR, it's hard to say, I really like them both... it depends on what you're planning on throwing
    if you're going to do baseballs, tennis balls, get the big one, but golf balls, avacado pits, smaller rocks.. get the smaller one they 're the same price

  9. can you throw smaller things like golf balls in the bigger slings?- CPR

    oh...and are greatly wanted on the latin forums