Monday, April 19, 2010

ESSE Contest Results, and the winner is...

Thank you everybody for participating! I have been both encouraged and insulted by most of your guesses. :) The guesses were as follows:

Kevin: 2
Mark: 3
Ben W: 13
Karagan: 13
Patrick: 17
Patti: 18
Kirk: 19
Matt: 20
Chris: 20

In the end, I shot 11 out of 24... and if you counted the ones that were very close...(which I didn't) I would have shot 13 exactly so congrats Karagan and Ben, your slings are on their way! Thanks again everybody!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Sling Contest

The facts: Twenty four eggs were slung at a circular target ~6 feet in diameter at 20 paces. It's the barely discernable circle scratched onto the barn.
Your job: Follow SlingMoore and guess how many eggs out of twenty four hit the target. Email me at
My job: To send a free sling to the closest guesser, guessers.

I'll give you a hint, it's not zero, and it's not 24... rather... somewhere in between.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This weekend in Fitchburg KY

This weekend April 9-11 Sling Moore will be having it's first annual Egg Slinging Spectacular of Easter. Posterity will likely be laughing at me, but will have to remember this event as the ESSE. Many videos and pictures will be taken, and I will be holding SlingMoore's first-ever contest. The contest is open to all of SlingMoore's followers (old and new) to see who can guess my firing percentage out of 24
throws at a circular target 3 feet in diameter (~27 square feet), at 20 paces (~50 ft) from the target. The follower(s) with the correct or closest guess will be awarded a free sling, in the event of having several winning guesses, both will receive slings! Send your "how many hits out of 24 eggs slung" guesses to, I'll see you in Fitchburg.