Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Done with cotton twine

Maybe it's the low friction combination of cotton and steel, maybe cotton is just too stretchy, or maybe it's because I don't even know where the little bearing went but I'm done with cotton twine for now. I tried slinging the sling in the previous post into a dirt mound yesterday. I lost the ball, and I don't even know what happened. I didn't see where it hit, I'm not even sure I loosed it, it could have just fallen out. In any case, I think I'm done with cotton twine for awhile. I may still try a thread-sling made for a marble still, but later I think. It's time to focus on proven designs... the leather pouch always works, fits nearly anything and throws like a cannon. Slings still just $16.00 at SlingMoore all through Christmas, prices will go up after the new year, so this is a good time to get your sling on.


  1. Fair enough, but you should still make a pocket-size (meaning you don't even feel it in your pocket) marble sling. For those of us who like little things.

  2. I'm still interested in this too... so yes.. I"m on it