Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Projectile Caught on Tape

With my sweet wife behind the camera, I caught the first projectile on film. They're usually moving so fast that any digital camera that I can afford won't pick them up. But this was not the only thing. Apples have now moved to the top of the possible perfect projectiles list, they are inexpensive, slick on the outside, just the right weight, and about the right size, and did I mention...edible? There's a quality we haven't considered. On the sling just before this one, I came just a foot away from hitting a telephone pole 150 yards away. I am slinging a winesap apple here.


  1. Nice video! No better place for slinging apples than the orchard. Cept maybe the produce section...

  2. like the cops in Raising Arizona, no questions, they just show up shooting, and it continues into the grocery store... I tell you what...that's the best few minutes of film I've ever seen.

  3. I feel a share on Facebook coming on.