Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Slinging at Red River Gorge

If you would like to join the throngs of people that have been arrested for doing really stupid things, if you would like to severely injure a tourist, or perhaps fall from a high ledge onto a rocky surface forty feet below...then you should go slinging at natural bridge national park... otherwise, you should do like I did... and practice the art of not slinging... rather...just enjoy the view.

Moore-wisdom from Mr. Sling moore


  1. Hah! Very funny. I personally like to scoot up to the edge on my belly and stare out... it's like you're falling down a canyon without wind blowing past your ears or the messy ending.

  2. yeah... man if would have been glorious to see a rock sail off the top of that thing into the great green gorgeousness below, but alas...