Monday, June 29, 2009

All Skill

The fist time my dad took me to shoot our little .22 we set up cans and pieces of wood to shoot at. I didn't hit very many targets but I got close. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME SHOOTING EVER, and I got close?!

As the technological advancement of a weapon increases, the skill required to work it, (seemingly) decreases. Since the sling is only one step up from your throwing arm, having almost no technological complexity of any kind, save that of the lever...The Sling is All Skill

Contrastingly, my first shot with a sling landed on my right foot, my second one went backwards, my third went straight up in the air and landed about a foot from me taking my sling with it. The second time I went slinging I was aiming at the the broad side of a building standing about 30 meters away. I slung 10 walnuts, never even touched the building, ironically I almost hit a squirrel. Good thing I was slinging walnuts...hey maybe that explains the squirrels... BUT at least they all went in the general direction of the building... I was already getting better.

Only practice has improved my slinging, but I'm still not keeping track of how many times I hit my target, rather, how large or small my angle of error is on either side. I'm still just getting close. Ok once...once I hit a telephone pole from 20 paces.

I think this is what I like about the sling, there's some difficulty to surmount, skill yet to be obtained. What slinging stories do you have? Post them in the comments!

with much yet to obtain...
mr. slingmoore


  1. Mr. Slingmoore taught me everything I ever knew about slinging.

  2. Wouldn't you say that strength has much less to do with than technique? We're all tempted to go out and just zing that sling...

  3. you're right, the whole trick to the power behind slinging is mechanical advantage. The sling merely provides mechanical leverage and so technique isn't just's everything. ~mr. slingmoore