Thursday, November 24, 2016

Slinging Slingmoore Style: The Final Episode

This is the whole week's posts and then some to show the entire Slingmoore slinging style.  I have never come across another slinger with my style, just thought I'd throw mine out there.  Recently I got a great tip from a viewer who said that I wasn't straightening my arm on the release.  Man they were right!  I got ~30% more distance when I started doing that... Enjoy the slideshow and keep slinging.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Slinging Slingmoore Style: Episode 4 The Whip

On the second and final swing the speed continues to increase seen here above and below.

The whip is a dramatic increase in velocity that occurs right at the end of the final swing.  The power of slinging comes from this last quarter turn.  Shown below is the crucial whipping moment.    With shorter slings you do the whip on the first time around.  But with longer slings like I prefer you need the speed up of the first rotation to get the velocity to a level that will support the whipping motion.  I love this curved action you get from the stay during the whip.

It's hard to catch the curling of the stays on film.  Shown below, after the release the stays pop and curl up on themselves like chromosomes...or maybe I should have said rubber bands.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Slinging Slingmoore Style: Episode 3 The First Rotation

The only goal of the first rotation is to increase the velocity of the pocket to within just a hair of the actual escape velocity.  Probably the least known thing about slinging is the number of times you need to do this.  The surprising answer is... ONCE!  three times at the very most.  First time slingers love to helicopter the pocket around their head for a full minute before they consider releasing at a target but this is dangerous and it throws off your rhythm.  You only need to go around once and then you're ready for the final swing and release.

Note below how my hand is always a little ahead of the pocket.  It's required by the law... of physics.  You can't push string.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Slinging Slingmoore Style: Episode 2 The Back Toss

To start slinging I like do what I call the back toss.  I throw the pocket backward with the stays passing over my head.  It's an easy way to release from start position and it starts the first swing off with a small initial velocity from the toss.  You have to tighten the stays before you back toss or your projectile will fall out.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Slinging Slingmoore Style: Episode 1 Tightening the Stays

Everyone slings in their own way.  But here's a brief tutorial on how I do it.  I start by doing a fast load which I'll explain elsewhere.  Then I pull the stays tight and untwisted holding the projectile in the pocket with a my left thumb.  My right hand is gripping the handle and trigger with the trigger thumb pointed down.

Episode 2 The Back Toss